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Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents, and Couples

It takes courage and strength to explore the possibility of psychotherapy. People enter into treatment because they are suffering and they don't fully understand why. People enter into treatment because they want to live a better life.

Therapy provides a space for us to become more alive to our experience in the presence of a caring and compassionate other. When we have a deeper understanding of how our feelings are connected to our thoughts — and how those thoughts and feelings give rise to behaviors that don't always serve us — we can begin to experiment with making new choices that will improve our lives and relationships.

I am particularly passionate about working with artists and creative professionals. Artists have a relationship other people don't have — a relationship with their art. Like all relationships, it evolves. Along the way, there are frustrations, dreams, depressions, manias, fears, and an unceasing search for beauty. It can be a desperately lonely endeavor. To ask for an ally in the form of a psychotherapist is an act of moral courage.

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Alex Lewin, LMFT